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Sourcing & sustainability


Meet Phil…

Who am I and what are my beliefs - Phil Coltherd, and I am the owner of Phil's Plaice - my beliefs are simple, supply the freshest sustainable fish to my customers.


Source local Fish

North Shields Fish Market is minutes from my shop and relies on the seasonal catches from the local day boats.


Day Boats from North Shields

Rely on the experts… our fishing fleet at North Shields, like all fishermen, know their stuff, the best fishing grounds and the best sustainable fishing methods to ensure stocks are maintained for the future.



Working closely with local fishermen, organisations such as Seafish and MSC helps me to guide my customers towards sustainable choice so we can all help to protect our fish stocks for future generations.


Responsible Sourcing

My resources for buying Seafood extend Worldwide, but my belief remains the same .. use local line caught and responsibly fished day boats, RSPCA Food monitored farms for Salmon and low environmental farms for Seabass, Bream and Prawns.


My Team

I run a small and dedicated team of experienced fishmongers who can prepare your fish and help advise you to make your meal memorable.


what we offer:

Simply Supply the freshest Seafood

Situated minutes from the local boats and local fish merchants

How Fresh?

From Quay to counter in under 10 mins!

Freshly prepared in our Shop

Our experienced staff will prepare the daily catch to your exact specifications

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